Is the Covid-19 Vaccine Ethical for Christians? Is it Safe?

Vaccine bottles

An essential part of any vaccine being considered acceptable is that it is safe. Because the time taken to produce the COVID-19 vaccines was far shorter than the usual vaccination development time (months instead of years), safety has been one of the most frequently mentioned concerns about the vaccines.

Yet their production was carefully carried out according to normal protocols, and the results over the last two years have proved it. How was safe vaccine production possible in such a short time? Read my article to find out.

Update on my blog articles 3/10/22

Update on my blog articles 3/10/22

Dear readers

As you may have noticed, I took a long break from writing blog articles last year(2021) as I worked on the second edition of my mother’s devotional book “Thru Trials to Peace”. While meaning to keep up with the blog it just didn’t happen. Thank you to those of you who gave me such encouragement by commenting on the few articles I had written. I have every intention of picking up the blog full time again and branching out into other medicine topics.

Starting from December, however, I have been writing articles for, a Christian website, still mostly dealing with COVID-19 vaccines.
I have been assured that after the articles have completed 180 days on the site I will be able to bring them back here. But for now I will write a short paragraph on the newmedinfo blog, and link it to the article on Crosswalk so that you can read the articles as I write them.

Thank you all for your patience.


Update on my blog articles 3/10/22