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Hi ! My name is Terrill Wade, and I am a retired M.D. and medical educator.

Who I Am

I am an Australian who completed my medical training in Western Australia. While doing the traditional Aussie overseas tour I met my future husband at L’Abri in Switzerland, and arrived in the U.S. to complete my Family Practice Residency.  My years after that were divided between medicine, homeschooling,  biology teaching, and adjunct lecturing.

Woven in and around those various teaching roles I discovered a great interest in the new genetic and biotechnology discoveries, starting with the Human Genome Project in the 90’s and proceeding through hands-on experience with the extraction and transferring of bacterial genes. In 2021 I still remain excited about all the possibilities!

But my interest in Bioethics was also stimulated at that time because I was startled by the simplicity of many of these amazing procedures. Anyone who could follow a recipe could do it.  Yet  how far-reaching the effects could be! And how much difference the underlying view of ‘what it means to be human‘ could make in those effects.

Later on, a Fellowship in Public Health Genetics and Genomics gave me a glimpse of some of those future effects.

Why I Write This Blog

I have since made a number of presentations through churches on different ethical aspects of biotechnology and medical science. From these presentations I have become concerned that the average Christian has:

  • understandable difficulty keeping up with the flood of recent developments in medical science and medical treatments,
  • a lot of difficulty understanding the complex and complicated language of science, medicine, and pharmaceuticals,
  • little knowledge of the ethically questionable processes and assumptions underlying some of the most desirable and rapidly spreading new treatments,
  • a limited understanding of the deep alteration in the worldview of many in the science and medical professions. This new worldview is drastically affecting the way medicine is practiced and patients are viewed.

God willing, I hope to use this blog and website to clarify some of these situations for fellow Christians by “Explaining the science” and “Assessing the world view”, as my tagline says.

I would love to have you join me as I work through them.

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Sincerely, Terrill